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Cal Energy Corps is an undergraduate internship program that engages the best and brightest students from UC Berkeley in the design, development, and delivery of sustainable energy and climate solutions around the world.

  • Launched in February 2011, the program provides students with hands-on experience in the non-profit and private sectors to enhance their academic work
  • Enables students to make a difference by contributing their talents to real-world projects, providing practical experience and inspiring Corps members for future careers and environmental leadership
  • Students receive a $600/week living stipend, support for travel to the internship location, and structured mentorship from our partner host organizations
  • Past placements include:
    • Internships on solar energy solutions for rural communities with a non-profit in Nicaragua
    • Urban design for high-density cities with a university in Hong Kong
    • Advanced manufacturing with a leading Bay Area battery startup company
  • Applications now open!

Your Support Matters

Each year, the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute coordinates 20 to 25 student placements around the world. Your gift can support a student for a week, a full summer and likely for the rest of his or her life.

Cost per Week: $600
Cost per Student: $12,000
Annual Program: $300,000

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Internship Locations

In 2014, students were placed in locations around the world including the Bay Area, Nicaragua, Brazil, Germany, Kenya, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Past Participants

Herman Wu Herman Wu Berkeley Bio
I’m a third year Molecular and Cell Biology and Mathematics double major at UC Berkeley, and graduated in Fall 2014. I worked on data science research on Brazil’s clean energy usage with the Energy Biosciences Institute here at UC Berkeley. I enjoy tackling challenging problems, which is part of why I wanted to do research.
Lilian Kabelle Lilian Kabelle Kenya Bio
I am a second-year Civil Engineering major. In the summer of 2014 Cal Energy Corps sponsored me to return my home country of Kenya to intern at Shalin Finland, where I was involved with the design and implementation for efficient cook stoves, and also in the design of a ceramic kiln that uses heliostats for energy. I also participated in the linkage of vocational training institutes (VTECS) from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania through various projects to promote the local developmental needs: specifically energy, water sanitation and food security. I hope to play a major role in solving water, food and economic problems in my country through implementing renewable energy solutions at some point in my career after graduation. I am a proud member of acts2fellowship and the UC Berkeley Steel Bridge Competition Team and I enjoy hanging out with friends and learning how to play the guitar during my free time.
Giana Amador Giana Amador Nicaragua Bio
Giana spent eight weeks of her summer in Nicaragua working for the non-profit blueEnergy in order to help evaluate the existing solar PV systems’ social and economic impacts upon rural communities. She is a second-year double major in Environmental Economics and Policy and Society and the Environment. Growing up in the Central Valley first sparked her interest in agricultural sustainability, and her Berkeley education fostered a dedication to sustainable energy and climate change mitigation. Giana is excited to explore Nicaragua (barefoot) and learn more about the potential for sustainable technologies in rural areas. She is passionate about cute puppies, Chipotle burrito bowls, and long naps.
Rathin Bector Rathin Bector Singapore Bio
During his Cal Energy Corps placement with the National University of Singapore, Rathin helped investigate the influence of electrolytes on the performance of sodium-ion batteries. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, he is a first-year Chemical Engineering student with an interest in alternative and sustainable energy sources. Rathin is an active member of the Berkeley Forum, a non-partisan, student-run organization that plans panels, debates, and talks. He is also a member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity.


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