Advanced Manufacturing for Energy Lab

Advanced Manufacturing for Energy (AME)

Advanced Manufacturing for Energy (AME) is a multidisciplinary group that has evolved out of the former Berkeley Manufacturing Institute (BMI). Working closely with the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI), AME takes a holistic approach to the entire energy chain, developing novel solutions for generation, energy harvesting, monitoring, sensing and storage and combining these into complete systems. AME caters for a broad spectrum of applications from small scale sensing motes for condition based monitoring to large, grid and pipeline scale challenges.

AME has created a wet laboratory working space specifically for the research and development of new forms of energy storage and generation. We investigate alternative ways to manufacture and process both common and new materials to improve device performance. Located in Etcheverry Hall, Room 2117, the space is equipped to allow researchers to make and print novel materials, as well as produce, characterize, and test their devices. Current research includes printed batteries, printed supercapacitors, and printed thermoelectric generators.  

AME has recently designed low-cost natural-gas pipeline sensors to inspect underground pipelines. These devices can help pipeline operators better respond to problems. For more information, see Natural Gas Pipeline Sensors.

A Closer Look into AME

AME project photo

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