Obama Announces $70M award for Smart Manufacturing Institute

President Barack Obama this week announced a $70M federal award to the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC) for a cross-sector, nationwide institute to develop advanced energy efficient manufacturing technology along with a supporting workforce and educational pipeline. BECI Director Paul Wright, along with fellow Mechanical Engineering professors Tarek Zohdi and the late David Dornfeld, led UC Berkeley’s participation with SMLC in developing the proposal, which will result in $140m of public-private investment to develop the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

The Institute’s headquarters will be in Los Angeles, with regional centers located across the United States. UC Berkeley, in partnership with MANEX Consutling, as the key Northern California delivery center, will focus on training, outreach and Research & Development in the region.

Learn more about the award for the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute and UC Berkeley’s participation.