BECI-China Project Research and Publications Archive

China has pledged to achieve the peaking of CO2 emissions around 2030, if not sooner, and to increase the share of energy consumed from non-emissions sources like renewables, nuclear energy and hydro-electricity to 20 % by 2030. This archive contains a series of research projects and publications which investigates the transformation of China’s energy system, with further emphasis on U.S.-China cooperation.

Current Research Projects:
(1) The role of emissions trading scheme in China’s energy transition
In 2017, China’s nation-wide carbon emission trading market will be fully launched, and its pilot markets in seven provinces and municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Hubei and Shenzhen) have experienced two or three performance periods previously. The planned study tries to answer the questions that i) what is the effectiveness of the carbon emissions trading scheme (ETS) with respect to reducing total carbon emissions and/or carbon emissions intensity in China’s pilot regions; and ii) what will be the carbon abatement cost savings from China’s coming nation-wide ETS.

(2) Energy transition in rural China
In China, nearly 500 million rural residents use coal, firewood and other solid fuels as the main cooking fuels, which has resulted in serious indoor air pollution, and led to approximately 800 thousand premature deaths each year (equivalent to the death toll caused by outdoor air pollution). The usage of solid fuels in rural China not only cause ecological destruction and black carbon emissions, but also has serious social-economic effects. The research analyzes the social-economic effects associated with the solid fuel usage in rural China and investigates the possible energy transition. It includes empirical study on the farmers’ fuels choice behavior, assessment on the health and economic welfare losses from indoor air pollution as well as other social impacts. Policy suggestion on energy transition in rural China will be proposed.

More projects to be announced

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