Projects and Partnerships

Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute’s vast resources and partnerships at the university and beyond make the institute an exceptional vehicle for supporting the translation of promising research into viable commercial solutions – moving research from the lab to the marketplace. Projects and partnerships include, among others:

  • The Cleantech to Market (C2M) project based at the Haas School of Business, which engages student teams in market research supporting advanced clean technology concepts.
  • BECI Incubator for Cleantech, providing startups in clean tech hardware development with access to wetlab facilities
  • BECI Energy Challenge, in partnership with the Foundry@CITRIS, providing resources and mentorship in support of advancing research technologies into successful energy companies.

Big Ideas

BECI sponsors the Big Ideas “Clean & Sustainable Energy Alternatives” category. Unlike traditional business plan competitions which are designed to vet for-profit companies, the ultimate goal of Big Ideas is to support students in making social change—whether through for-profit endeavors, non-profits, or small ad-hoc teams. Critically, Big Ideas promotes autonomy, initiative, and teamwork early in students’ careers, broadening their understanding of how they can use their education and interests to improve society.

BECI Energy & Climate Challenge @ the Foundry  

About the Sponsored Teams

Clairity is developing a personal air quality sensing device that wirelessly communicates with users’ smart devices. Users can check real-time exposure to particulate matter, a harmful air pollutant, with a glance at their smart device or by pressing the sensor, which will display a light indicating air quality. Similarly, users can be alerted when they encounter hazardous air quality and track cumulative exposure over time. The app will use crowdsourced data from the portable sensors to generate real-time pollution maps of cities, allowing users to search for public venues or navigation routes with low exposure. The company will also develop algorithms to predict future air-quality levels based on location.

WattTime provides data, software, and expertise that enables your smart devices to prioritize energy from clean power sources. It’s a new way to save carbon—automatically.

SimpleWater sells an electrochemical water treatment machine to small water system managers with arsenic contamination of local groundwater. Our customers have a problem and it is that existing best available arsenic treatment technologies are too expensive. We solve this problem with ArsenicVolt, a remotely operated water treatment process based on the controlled corrosion of simple iron plates with low voltage electricity. ArsenicVolt is a patented electrochemical water treatment product that cleans water from arsenic, pathogens, and other heavy metals for 60% lower cost than Best Available Technologies.

BioInspira is a startup company based on an award winning concept developed at the University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Our technology is a versatile sensor platform, allowing us to scale to a large number of applications. At BioInspira, we aim to provide innovative sensing solutions that improve our quality of life through a wide range of applications.

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