shutterstock_170373860 The Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute (BECI) is a central coordinating hub for all energy and climate research at UC Berkeley.

Since its inception, BECI has continuously forged collaborations among UC Berkeley, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and other internal and external partners to shape the history of energy technology and policy at all levels.

One of the most advantageous of these partnerships began in early 2015 when the 30-year-old California Institute for Energy and Environment officially became a branch of BECI, bringing its team of distinguished research scientists and administrators. This amalgamation has catalyzed unique opportunities with faculty, students and post-doctoral researchers, which continue to attract medium- to large-scale contracts that help make a significant difference in the energy and climate research landscape.

The Berkeley Institute for the Environment, the Berkeley Atmospheric Science Center and the laboratory for Advanced Manufacturing for Energy have also become branches of BECI.

BECI continues to expand its impact by inviting other centers across campus, as well as regional, state, national and international institutions to participate in its collaborative strategy.

BECI was formed in Fall 2010 through a partnership between the UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau & Vice Chancellor for Research Graham Fleming and LBNL Director Paul Alivisatos, and with generous funding from the Philomathia Foundation, James and Katherine Lau, and Marcella and Stuart Bernstein.

Untitled-2Research Intersection

Together, BECI’s multidisciplinary teams of collaborators are navigating a sustainable path to a cleaner and more equitable future for energy.

BECI operates at the intersection of Science & Technology, Policy, and Business. By strategically facilitating collaborations between the world-class researchers at UC Berkeley and LBNL, BECI can uniquely address our most pressing energy and climate challenges. Even the best scientific and technological solutions can only gain traction in a receptive political, social, legal, and economic environment. For years, scientists at UC Berkeley and LBNL have led revolutions in physics, information technology, engineering, and biotechnology. BECI connects these individuals with leaders  in business, public policy, and law in order to encourage crossdisciplinary discourse within a well-rounded team. BECI supports a critical mass of experts in the societal ramifications of phasing out fossil fuel usage in favor of sustainable energy sources.

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